Oise Mobility

Printing date: 2/9/2023

Printable version of pages

The website pages are designed to be printable correctly with home printers.

Printing is optimized for standard page size (A4).
For optimal printing results, configure your browser's print feature to "Scale to Fit" or "Fit to Page". This option is in the Print> Print Preview menu.

Advanced printing view

On some pages, we offer advanced printing options, with the following features:

  • add a customized text
  • choose which views to print. For example, the timetables of the stop/station and the map.

This advanced printing view is available on the following pages:

  • Journey planning results
  • Stop timetables
  • Line timetables
  • Direct services

Save in PDF format

From a computer, you can save your trip details or schedules timetables in PDF format by using the « Print » option and by modifying the print settings of your browser.

  • In Chrome, in the print settings window, select « Save as PDF » as a Destination
  • In Safari, in the print settings window, click on the « PDF » option and then « Save as PDF »